Admissions Process


Students who have been accepted to Georgia Tech can visit their Admission Portal to apply for all Living Learning Communities, including the Honors Program. For information on general university admissions, please visit the Georgia Tech Admissions Website


After you have been admitted to Georgia Tech, you may apply for admission to the Honors Program. For information about how to apply to the Honors Program, please visit the Georgia Tech Living Learning Community Application Process page. Our selection process is holistic: our goal is to identify students who will benefit from and contribute to our Honors Program Living Learning Community. We give primary consideration to the following:

            (a) Honors Program application essays.

            (b) SAT/ACT scores and GPA.

            (c) Extracurricular activities.

            (d) Georgia Tech application essay.

Our entering class each fall is limited (by the design of our Honors Program residence hall) to a total of 202 students: 102 women and 100 men. 

The Honors Program will begin issuing invitations to Early Action applicants in April, and these students should accept or decline the invitation by April 19th. Regular Decision applicants will receive their invitations late April and should accept or decline by May 1st. Beginning May 4th, the Honors Program will issue invitations to waitlisted students. The Honors Program will complete the admissions process by June 1. 

  Early Action Regular Decision Additional Decisions
Application Deadline March 8 April 5  
Honors Program Decisions Released April 6 April 16-22 (Rolling) May 4-June 1
Accept or Decline Deadline April 19* May 1* Rolling*

*PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR HP ENTERING CLASS MAY FILL BEFORE THE DEADLINE: We may not be able to confirm your admission to the HP even if you accept our invitation by the deadline. We fill our positions on a first-come, first-served basis until we reach the capacity of the Hefner-Armstrong residence hall, so we cannot guarantee that you will be able to join our entering class even if you accept by the deadline. The sooner you accept our invitation, the more likely we will be able to confirm your admission. If we are unable to confirm your admission, we will place you on the waitlist and we may be able to confirm your admission later (if any previously admitted HP students withdraw). 

Admission FAQs

Q: How can I learn more about whether the Honors Program is the right fit for me?

A: Three ways:

  • Continue your visit to our website.
  • Review the HP Viewbook (prepared for the 10th Anniversary of the Honors Program).
  • Fill out our Ask An HP Student form, and an upper-level Honors Program student will get back to you shortly.


Q: I have perfect SAT scores, a 4.5 GPA, and 15 AP scores of 5. Am I certain to be admitted to the Honors Program?

A: No. We do consider SAT/ACT scores and GPA (as indicated above), and the scores and GPAs of students admitted to the Honors Program generally are quite high. But we consider all of the other factors listed above as well. (We do not consider AP or IB coursework or scores in our selection process.)


Q: I have outstanding extracurricular activities, and I believe I wrote excellent Honors Program application essays. Will you please explain to me why I was not offered admission to the Honors Program?

A: We receive about 10 applications for each opening in our Honors Program entering class for fall. After performing a holistic review of these applications, we do our best to identify those students we believe offer the best fit with the Honors Program approach to learning. This means that we cannot offer admission to many hundreds of exceptionally well-qualified applicants. We don’t explain our admission decisions to applicants who do not receive offers of admission—beyond letting everyone know the factors we consider, as listed above. If you are not admitted to the Honors Program and, after arriving at Georgia Tech in the fall, you continue to believe that you would be a great fit for the Honors Program, please return to our website in early October, look for our Honors Program Mid-Year Admission announcement, and apply to the Honors Program for admission beginning spring semester. We admit several students to the Honors Program each year through our Mid-Year Admission process. These students begin their Honors Program coursework in spring and reside in an upper-level Honors Program apartment in their sophomore year. 


Q: Is an extra fee charged to students in the Honors Program? 

A: Yes, there is an extra fee of $800* — for 1st-year Honors Program students only (there is no extra Honors Program fee after the 1st-year). The Honors Program fee is charged to 1st-year students at the beginning of fall semester ($400) and at the beginning of spring semester ($400).

            *Contingent on final Institutional approval of fee amount.