APPH 1802 HP: Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Strategies for Health and Resilience

Spring 2020
Fall 2019
Credit Hours: 
Dr. Christie Stewart and Lesley Baradel
Everyone experiences some level of stress and adversity in their daily lives. Learning to effectively manage life stressors is a lifelong skill. The purpose of this course is to help students improve their health and well-being and thrive in their environment by using the conceptual pillars to develop skills related to coping, resiliency, optimism, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. Students will be challenged to evaluate their current overall health/well-being status and identify strategies for improvement in personal and professional growth to achieve a positive, meaningful and fulfilling life. **This course will fulfill the Institute wellness requirement pending successful completion of the course and a grade of >70% on the final exam (congruent with current procedures in place for passing advanced standing exam for APPH 1040 credit). Once the final exam is passed, the instructor will complete the advanced standing non-residential credit form. The student will receive credit for APPH 1040.