COE 3002 HP: Intro to the Microelectronics & Nanotech Revolution

Fall 2019
Fall 2018
Credit Hours: 
Dr. John Cressler
COE 3002 develops the general scientific and engineering underpinnings of microelectronics and nanotechnology and examines how this new technological revolution is influencing a broad array of interdisciplinary fields (engineering, biology, biomedical engineering, material science, chemistry, physics, medicine, technology, management) and civilization as a whole (art, business, film, entertainment, politics). Special “widget deconstruction” topics will address common pieces of modern technology (e.g., smart phone, flash drive, GPS, DVD, digital camera, etc.) from the perspective of: “How do they do what they do?”; “How does microelectronics & nanotechnology play in that functionality?”; and “Where is the technology going and how will it change the way we live our lives?” Student-led team debates and class discussion threads will examine the transformational impact of the microelectronics and nanotechnology revolution on modern society. A team “widget deconstruction” project will serve as a capstone for the course. No special knowledge of electrical and computer engineering is assumed. This class will be highly interactive and student participation is key.