CS 4001 HP: Computing & Society

Fall 2019
Credit Hours: 
Dr. Rebecca "Beki" Grinter
In this class, we will learn about ethics, professional ethics, and social implications of technology. What do "right" and "wrong" mean anyway? How is "ethical" different from "legal"? We'll learn about several philosophical approaches to ethics including utilitiarianism, Kantianism, social contract theory, and virtue ethics. The goal is for students to be able to address ethical dilemmas with reasoned arguments, grounded in a combination of these ethical theories. We will also study professional ethics. What special responsibilities do we have as computing professionals? What do the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and ACM Code of Ethics say, and how can we use these in our daily practice? Finally, we'll study computing and society. In what ways does computer technology impact society? We'll talk about a host of issues including privacy, intellectual property, and freedom of speech.