Karlovitz Lectures

2016 Karlovitz Lecture
Presented by the GT Honors Program and the College of Sciences

“Please Pay Attention Now (It Could Change Your Brain):
The Neuroscience Behind How Mindfulness Can Help Us Change Bad Habits”

In 2014, Time magazine declared a “mindful revolution” due to its growing popularity and the body of research suggesting that mindfulness may help to treat a number of health-related problems—from general stress to anxiety to addiction. However, little is known about the underlying psychological mechanisms and related brain processes.  Dr. Brewer will present recent evidence that helps to unravel these mysteries, drawing from both clinical studies and more basic neuroimaging research involving novice and experienced meditators.  He will discuss how these insights might apply to our own lives.

Judson Brewer, MD, PhD
Director of Research, Center for Mindfulness
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Monday, March 7, 5:30pm
Kress Auditorium, Georgia Tech
The Robert C. Williams Paper Museum (Renewable Bioproducts Institute)
500 Tenth Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
Free and open to the public
No tickets or reservations required

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